What makes the Essential Keychain™ different from the rest of the multi-tools founds within the marketplace?

The Essential Keychain™ was designed and manufacuted by actual engineers and machinists. Unlike the majority of the multi-tools found within the marketplace, ours is machined from solid brass at 5/16" thick which is just over 1/4". Make it this thick allows for longer wear and tear vs. many of the cheap alloys sold out there will be useless after a short period of time.

Is there anything else vastly different about the Essential Keychain™?

Yes! A couple things. 1. The Essential Keychain™ has double chamfer which is to those unfamiliar is an additional bevel applied to both sides of the keychain edges. A "chamfer" is a transitional edge between two faces of an object. Sometimes defined as a form of bevel, it is often created at a 45° angle between two adjoining right-angled faces. resource: wikipedia 2. The Essential Keychain™ comes with a custom made black velvet bag as added protection. Yes, we understand that this will most likely go on your keychain, but as machinists we take great pride in our product and it would not do it justice just putting it in bubble wrap and shipping it just like that. So ours come beautifully machined and in nice presentation bags for either personal use or perfect for gifting!

How quick will my order be processed?

For the most part, we are shipping the Essential Keychain™ daily. Becuase of incredibly high-demand we have had to deal with occasional backorders, but typically all keychains ship within 2-3 days max, if not same day.

Why don't you offer personlization?

We do actually, just not for small orders. Wholesale only. Why? To be dead honest, it's a pain in the neck to personalize random keychains here and there. We want to reserve our machine capacity for larger orders because the way we personalize our keychains is directly in the manufacturing process. Our heavy duty lasers will add your company logo or name directly onto the keychain while the Essential Keychain™ is being manufactured. Brass Personalization: 100 pieces minumum. Aluminum Personalization: 250 pieces minumum.

Can the Essential Keychain™ come in any different colors?

Short answer - No. However, our Aluminum Keychain is capable of being anodized or painted different colors. We are happy to accomodate in a variety of different colors but there is a minumim order quanitity (MOQ) of 250 pieces.

Where does the Essential Keychain™ ship from?

All Essential Keychain's™ ship from Elk Grove Village, Illinois which is also the largest industrial park in North America!

Do you sell the Essential Keychain™ wholesale?

Yes! But you will have to provide us with resale certificates and have orders in excess of 100 pieces from our Brass Essential Keychain™ and 250pcs for our Aluminum Essential Keychain™.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. However, we can only offer fixed or complementary shipping within the United States. That does not include Alaksa, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Upon checkout, you will need to provide your address and a shipping quotation will be provided to you. For wholesale inquires, please submit your project through our form or directly to and we can assist with further answers and clarification.


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Essential Keychain™ was created out of necessity. We believe in manufacturing products with superior craftsmanship and refuse to provide anything less. We hope you appreciate the Essential Keychain™ as much as we did making it.