5-Pack Aluminum Essential Keychain Multi-Tool
  • 5-Pack Aluminum Essential Keychain Multi-Tool

    SKU: EKAL05

    Product Dimensions

    3"W x 1.25"H x 5/16" Thick


    • Made in the heart of Chicago straight from the USA!
    • Made from 100% Aluminum -- No cheap or gimmicky alloys.
    • Machined entirely from solid aluminum material.
    • All Essential Keychains ship inside of a Beautiful Black Velvet Bag.
    • NOTE: Aluminum is not an antibacterial material.


    Personalization & Customization is available with orders of 250pcs or more!

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      ABOUT US

      Essential Keychain™ was created out of necessity. We believe in manufacturing products with superior craftsmanship and refuse to provide anything less. We hope you appreciate the Essential Keychain™ as much as we did making it.